Cecily McMillan is a 25-year-old union organizer and Occupy activist who was convicted of allegedly assaulting a police officer on March 17, 2012.

After two years of censoring evidence and hand-selecting jurors, the prosecution was blatantly favored with overwhelming bias from Judge Ronald Zweibel. In a shocking verdict that stunned outside observers, she was found guilty despite insufficient evidence and Zweibel sentenced McMillan to 90 days in jail at Rikers Island. She was sent directly to jail on May 5 2014, despite having missed no court appointments over two years of hearings and her public insistence on refusing to plea out.

McMillan is currently incarcerated at Rikers Island, and is hoping to be released on good behavior on July 2. She has conducted several interviews maintaining her innocence and determination, and she has spoken out against deliberately inhumane conditions for inmates at Rikers.

During the long period between her initial arrest and the jury trial, McMillan was apprehended on false charges by NYPD officers collaborating with the District Attorney. McMillan and her supporters denounce the trumped up charges that were intended to undermine her credibility. On July 17 2014, Cecily will stand trial for allegedly interfering with an arrest in a subway station.

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